They say I should’ve paid cash for the Rockies,

and not let the tolls collect interest for two more years,

while I paid the minimum balance every month

for something I knew I never wanted to own.

I should have bought them outright

with every penny and dime I saved,

instead of defaulting for the Appalachians.

They say everything I shop for here is back in Colorado;

that eventually,

I throw out every item I buy here in this southern stockpile

after I pay more than full-price.

I should’ve known that after the first bankruptcy,

or at least after the land sharks came after my over-priced education,

or when the bottles sold me back my freedom,


and I have nothing to show for it.

They say I should’ve packed myself in a box marked fragile,

and bought a one-way ticket with insurance instead;

that I shouldn’t have signed my name to a city

I was never committed to.

They say I should’ve hoarded the thousand-mile-high-buzz

I obtained and to never drink Georgia again.

They say I should’ve,

but I didn’t.