On some real shit though I’ve hated.

I did my time for validation.

Undertaken by the playa

so alluring to my story,

who pretends to have some glory,

but he’s boring,

kinda shady,

bitch-made and overrated.

He pushed me

and he played me,

like a toy Benz Mercedes,

but its my fault I downgraded

when I chose to change my ways and

ignore the red flags saying;

not today cuz he’s a boy,

looking out to only score and

winding up only a whore

with no shame or accreditation.

He has references with no names,

and many words but still no game,

like a book without a last page,

or an author who goes blank,

but I’ll tell you I learned today,

that I’m smarter, kind of famous

in this small town known as chaos,

what I lost may have been jaded

but it was only infatuation,

and it taught me to stay away

because the cost was so much more than

getting laid and complicated.

But it’s fading in the distance,

like an addiction to the substance,

overtaking commonsense,

and fighting hard to never bend.

But then resistance in the end


“No, we can’t be friends,

make amends with no regrets,

or break silence.

I’ll save my breath,

because there is nothing left,

except for promises never kept,

and to remember that shit happens.”