In the beginning,

his debt will be uncollected,

fully clothed,

smooth as rubber

that will slowly strip

to the leathered nakedness

of his rough,


quick, and self destructing,

paycheck to paycheck,

temporary fix,

that will bill you for the choke hold he will charge for the ride,

and somehow,

you will be left begging to pay more.


But he’s a mouth-piece made for a crooked smile,

every word recycled,

every John Hancock forged like an adulterer

signing a marriage certificate

that will bind you to more negative equity in every promise.


And yet his aggressive tongue

will talk you into giving him a saturated credit

to his every disguise.

He will have you more than willing to buy

his every line, at any price,

every fucking day, on your own damn dime.

Until one day you realize his price is too high,

with his fines and his lies,

and all the wasted time.

So you finally stop financing his piece of your pie.