“Freedom had been hunted around the globe;

reason was considered as rebellion;

and the slavery of fear had made men afraid to think.

But such is the irresistible nature of truth,

that all it asks, and all it wants,

is the liberty of appearing.”

—Thomas Paine

The Rights of Man, 1971




In elementary school we had a mock election between Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton.  I was 10.  I voted for Clinton along with about 80% of the other children in my school.

My parents were never into politics, so I learned nothing about it from them.  I remember I voted for Clinton simply because I saw him on MTV.  I remember hearing that was why Bush Sr. lost the election, because he did not appeal to the people; because he wouldn’t go on programs such as MTV, or talk about issues like marijuana use.   I remember Bush Sr. shoving MTV’s cameras out of his face and refusing to speak to them. I remember Bush claimed it to be a mockery of his Presidential Candidacy, and I remember thinking he was mean and ignorant for it.

Bill Clinton won that election in 1992 by a landslide, and I remember throughout his course of presidency, the people beginning to speak more on Hillary Clinton, than on Bill.  In the 90’s this nation foretold Hillary running as the first female candidate in the exact year of 2016, and designated her as the first female President of the United States.

I was a child then, and that was over twenty years ago.


It is now the year 2016, and basically what we have here is an election that goes like this:

“If Stalin ran for president as a Democrat,

and Hitler ran as a Republican,

Our nation would be just as divided,

and one of them would end up leading this country.”


Today I asked my nine-year-old niece who she would vote for between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

She immediately said, “Neither.”

I laughed, and asked why.

She said, “I don’t know.  I don’t like either, but mommy doesn’t like Hillary, so I guess I would vote for Trump.”


I asked a black man, “Who would you choose between, Trump, or Clinton.”

“Neither damn one of them sons of bitches.  They can kiss our asses.”


I asked a 22 year-old white woman the same question, her response was, “Neither, not voting.  I won’t be a part of the destruction of our country.”


It is a fact that a majority of America is unhappy about the candidates they have been forced to choose between this election.   The funny thing is these candidates have so much federal funding, and are promoted by our own government, because they are owned by the government.  A government that so many of us claim to be against.  A government that is tearing this country apart, and oppressing its’ people.  A government that is stripping our constitutional and human rights from us right out from under our noses.  A government that hosts an election longer than any other nation in this world to distract their own people, to divide their own people, to warp their own people into systematically and unknowingly surrendering to their own self-seeking guidelines.  A government, no different than Stalin’s’ reign, or Hitler’s reign, blind sighting their people by a mass distraction to embark on its’ own primary motive.

The only problem is we are not choosing between two qualified world leaders.  We are choosing between two celebrities.   We are choosing between two celebrities to represent us as a country to the entire world.


“The thing we designate by the word ‘public opinion’ rests only in the smallest part on experience or knowledge which the individual has acquired by himself, but rather on an idea which is inspired by so-called ‘enlightenment,’ often of a highly persistent and obtrusive type.”

— Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf


I have never seen this country so at war with themselves over two candidates they never wanted to be elected anyway, and yet what we have here are people disowning each other, badgering each other, brothers and sisters not speaking to each other, sons not honoring or respecting their mothers or fathers, repeating and believing in unproven information as if it were the Bible itself they wrote themselves.

This is a travesty.  Humans are not acting like humans, instead they are puppets on the strings of the government performing their dirty work for them, and ya’ll just keep on fighting.

For what?


Think of all the division over the past few years leading up to this election:  the Muslims, Black Lives Matter, the LGBT community, gun control, immigration, Iraq…

We are in the lime light.  The world is watching us. This is not a time to be a divided country.  This is a time to unite, as the people and for the people, because this is bigger than our country.  This is bigger than our own little world.  We are being watched.  We have been being watched.  Have we forgotten we are the most hated nation in the world?

And between these two candidates you all keep fighting so hard for, would you honestly trust either one of them to lead us into war, because if we went to war today, who would be our ally?