In the beginning, the box was classically lit in black and white,

and sometimes the gray blended in somewhere between the snow and rabbit ears,

but in 1941 greens, purples, and yellows broke through their rose colored glasses showing the irises a new hue.


There were those who believed that matrimony should sleep in separate beds; that romantic kisses belonged in a basement’s forged light behind closed doors,

forbidden from the public eye,

but in the 50’s a daring marriage spooned underneath primetime

and opened the irises full bloom.


There were those who believed that women should not inhale masculinity;

that they should drape their nakedness above the knee to hide their flesh underneath, and that two were only sanctified if they owned the same color;

that love could not be blind;

that black and white was the only description for one another,

but in the 1960’s a panda kiss, and a red-headed legend, blew smoke

through the stained glass windows polluting the watchful irises,

and smiling as they gradually forced them to break away from their stems.


There were those who believed that man should only love woman,

and woman should only love man; that love was a choice and nothing less;

that blind eyes kept the world pure

and the irises could keep growing under the same sunlight,

but in the year 2000 the sun set for the stars allowing them to kiss who they wanted,

and to this day love no longer has to hide.