Game time,

Red and black;

Beasley #1 in NFL sacs;

Ryan MVP for NFL Stats;

Julio Jones catching any NFL Pass.

Yeah, we lost

to the mother fucking Pats,

while all ya’ll we’re rooting

for the Falcons to kick their ass.

Now all ya’ll talking

like we ain’t coming back,

this brotherhood will

have the last laugh.


We sure didn’t choke.

We got out-played.

Had all ya’ll scared

when we gave ya’ll a game.

We kept up with the “best,”

at least that’s what they say,

we showed up better than Cam did

back in the day.


We gave it our all

and came up short with no ring,

but the greatest of all

don’t fall back on such things.

Validation is not what Champions need.

They will keep persevering until they make history.


This was just the beginning of our Atlanta legacy,

ya’ll can keep on hating,

just remember one thing;

we lost the Super Bowl in 2017,

but keep fear when you meet us in 2018…