Addysen sits at home alone on a Friday night, in her small, ten by nine, pink and purple bedroom, because her mommy and daddy are asleep in bed and her big brother is staying the night at his buddy’s house. Addysen stares at her Dora the Explorer curtains that drape the only window, which frames her custom-made tree house designed only for little girls, and her very expensive swing-set. Both appear to only be black geometric shapes this time of night.

Bored, Addysen decides to jump on her bed that is covered in a Minnie Mouse bedspread and her purple and blue blanky. Care-Bears and one very special Thumper bounce up and down with her. She giggles and laughs for a few minutes, until the Rainbow Brite movie goes off on her TV. Addy crawls to the edge of the bed, steps down her old Wiggles step-stool and picks out her favorite Barney video from her five shelves of every Walt Disney and Pixar movie that exists. She pops it in the VCR and pushes play.

“Hello” the sweetest, most soft voice says from behind.

Addysen turns around and sees a little girl wearing a purple dress with pink flowers and the most gorgeous white, Mary Janes on her feet. She has long, straight, yellow hair and blue eyes that look completely different from Addy’s brown, curly hair and brown eyes. The little girl is taller by Addysen by about two inches but just as skinny. She has light, fair skin, opposite of Addysen’s tanned skin. The little girl’s nose and cheeks are blushed with freckles, which is something Addy always wished she had.

“Hello,” Addy replies back in a welcoming voice.

“My name is Katie. What’s yours?” The little girl asks.

Feet curved inwards, shyly looking down and waving her arms from side to side, Addy reveals her lisp, “Addyshen” she says.

“I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family…”


Barney’s theme song begins to play. Katie and Addysen sing along and dance side by side in front of the TV with Barney. As soon as the song is over Addy walks to her bookshelf, high as the ceiling, and begins to pull out every book from the bottom two shelves because they are the only ones she can reach. Addysen asks Katie if she likes each book, one after the other, as she pretends to read all the stories to Katie, then she tosses the books in the middle of the floor when she is finished.

“I like your dress,” Addy tells Katie, who thanks her most sincerely. “I have pretty dresses too.” Addysen opens her door to her huge walk-in closet. Her shirts hang high, organized by color and season. Her skirts hang just the same, but Addysen’s dresses are low enough for Addy to reach and pull each one off the hanger. She shows Katie all of them, asks her if she likes each one, and when she is finished Addy flings the delicate dresses around the room.

“I have pretty shoes too.” Addy jumps out of the closet, rushes over to the bed and grabs three baskets out from underneath. The first basket is filled with flip-flops, a pair for each color of the rainbow and of course black, white and brown. The second basket overflows with dress shoes and the the third contains ten pairs of play shoes. Addysen takes them all out. She tries on each pair for Katie then throws them in the middle of the bedroom when she is through.

“I’m bored,” Katie prissily says as she puts her hand over her mouth to cover her yawn.

Addy looks sadly at the ground, crosses her arms at her chest, thinks hard for a minute then she has the brightest idea. “My brother has fun stuff in his room but we have to be quiet. Mommy and Daddy are sleeping.”

Addysen knows she is not suppose to play with her big brother’s toys, or even go in his room, but she grabs Katie by the hand anyway and sneaks across the hall. Addy quietly opens the door and turns on the light. She heads straight to his playstation, turns on his TV, grabs both controllers and pushes every button. Addysen gets mad that they are not working so she throws them down on the floor.

Addysen snatches her big brother’s box of wrestlers, strings them all over his room trying to get Katie to play with her, but Katie does not like wrestling. So Addy heads over to her brother’s closet and pulls out Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Don’t Wake Daddy and Junior Monopoly. Katie is oh so excited. Both the girls play, where Addysen takes most of the turns and wins the game every time. Addy does most of the talking while Katie listens, but Katie doesn’t seem to mind.

An hour later the girls creep back across the hall to Addy’s room and lay down in the bed together. Both of their eyes droop heavily while they both try to stay awake. Barney is now saying goodnight on TV and popping back into a stuffed animal.

“You are my best friend.” Katie whispers to Addy.

“You are my best friend.” Addy whispers right back to Katie before they both fall asleep.

The next morning Addy wakes up to the sun shining through her window and her mommy’s stern, unhappy voice calling her name, “ADDYSEN!”

Addy shakes Katie beside her and sees mommy standing in the doorway very mad. Mommy takes a deep breath, “Why were you in your brother’s room last night and why did you tear it up? And what have you done to your room?”

In the sweetest most innocent voice, Addy looks up at mommy with puppy-dog eyes, pouts her lips and pleads, “But mommy I didn’t do it. Katie did it!” and she points to Katie beside her.

Mommy looks around the room puzzled for a few moments, then looks back down at Addy, “Katie? Who’s Katie?”

Addysen looks at Katie, then she looks back at mommy and smiles, “Katie is my best friend.”